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The RB Work Club - Helping you look forward to the future

 partnership with Job Centre Plus - A free service from the Rusty Bucket


By appointment only - for the convenience of our Work Club guests.

There is an assumption that everybody has become computer literate and also has their own laptop and wifi subscription - not the case from our experience. 

If you require support with online forms - we can do that. 
If you are up to speed with IT stuff, but need access to a lap top and the internet - we can provide that. no problem.

Please phone in advance to arrange a day and time that best suits you.

Landline - 01503 802171 Mobile - 07896515334 

(Text, if you are not on a contract and we will call you back)


Check out local companies via the internet

  use our laptops & ipads
Update your CV
Plenty of coffee and tea