The Rusty Bucket

Loving, Serving and Investing in our Community


The Rusty Bucket Trustees all live in Looe.
You can get to know a little about them below.......


I have been a Christian most of my life. The most wonderful thing is, once we have committed ourselves to follow Jesus, He will never let us go...Through many ups and downs He has kept me safe . I married someone from another country and lived abroad for many years. I came to Cornwall 10 years ago after my husband died. I have always had a love for people and the desire to help them. This is what being a trustee at the Rusty Bucket is all about. I truly hope and pray that God's work will be carried out day by day in and through the Rusty Bucket.


Having lived most of my adult life in denial - did God exist? If he did was I bothered? I attended an Alpha course. It was during one particular session that God confirmed to me that he indeed did exist and I was left in no doubt that he cared very much for me and my future. That was in 1998, I was 43 years old.
As a founder member of the Rusty Bucket I was personally driven to take God out of the church and onto the streets, so to speak. What better way than to provide a focal point in the town, serving, loving and investing in our community. I feel so privileged to be part of the Rusty Bucket and am truly excited by its potential.


I became a Christian in 1979 and love the Lord Jesus for what he has done for me.
As a founder member of the Rusty Bucket, I was very aware that it was easy for Christians to sit in their churches waiting for people to come to them. I saw a need for a place in the town of Looe where people could come and meet with Christians in a “neutral” environment – a place that would also be a base for community activities as well as specifically Christian ones and especially a place where there would always be a listening ear and a helping hand.


"Life began at 40" when I became a Christian. I have been married to Robert (Rob) for 28 years - we intended to move to the Lake District when we retired. I fell in love with Looe whilst on a brief unplanned visit. I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful place and to have the time to be involved in this community, serving in whatever way I can


Before coming to Looe in 2010, my working life had been 30 years in office work, then 15 years as a carer in various settings, seriously autistic teenagers over 10 years and brain damaged or Down Syndrome associated with severe visual impairment, seeming at my best getting alongside those who could not express themselves verbally. 
In addition to being a trustee, I assist Liskeard and Looe Foodbank with deliveries in the Looe area.
The world has always been a frightening place for me and my Christian faith maintains and motivates me to serve and love others.