The Rusty Bucket

Loving, Serving and Investing in our Community

The Future (and some of our past):

November 2018:

Our hearts remain firmly with the vulnerable and marginalised (we have removed "adult population" as it has become increasingly clear that there are many young people also falling into this category). WE are beginning to move into a 3rd stage in our brief history

October 2017:
The wonderful nature of "future" is that we do not know what it holds, but at the RB we can trust that God is in control. We meet regularly to discuss and pray as to our future - we are sure that our focus on the vulnerable and marginalised adult population of Looe is appropriate - as to how we continue to grow our impact and presence? Watch this space please. 

July 2016:
Internally the building has been re-designed to suit our current and future needs and is already working very well as both a home and community hub. Our partnership with Addaction UK is well bonded and our relationship with many of our community's vulnerable and marginalised adults is growing based on solid long term foundations.

frontOur garden has been completely flattened and a large patio area, lawn and pathway added to create a (we think) lovely community space for summer and fine day usage.

All external woodwork and stonework is presently being re-coloured (teal-wood and Swedish White-stonework) to uplift the building.

We continue to make ourselves available to the community at large and remain excited by the RB potential in this truly magnificent setting on the edge of East Looe.

September 2015:
We are now in our new home (below). As at 22/9 we are still unpacking boxes and busy planning the use of the many rooms. Once this is firm we will post updated photos plus news. You can also catch up with news on our facebook page


July 2015:
We are aware that it has been sometime since our last update and we thank you so much for your patience. We are making an assumption here that recipients will be aware of the Rusty Bucket background/journey...............From the freehold purchase of a pub in the centre of Looe, the opening of a community coffee shop that traded for 3.5 years, the selling of the freehold to focus on developing the charity's community work, the proposal by two trustees to finance the purchase of a new building and for it to act jointly as their home as well as a centre for the charity's future activities.

At the turn of the year, having viewed several possible new homes for the Rusty Bucket Christian Resource Centre, the charity's trustees accepted a proposal from two of its trustees to develop the charity's future from a central Looe base that would be large and flexible enough to serve both as a home and as the charity's hub. Said property would be owned by the couple and made available for use by the charity - the charity will have no equity in the building.

A suitable property was identified and after the usual delays contracts were exchanged two weeks ago. The property is presently trading as a guest house and it has been agreed the current owner should honour their summer commitments with a completion date of 11th September, 2015.

The property, Shutta House is directly opposite Looe Railway Station. - The building, to be re-named Chi Kemeneth ("Community House" in Cornish) offers incredible flexibility in terms of its future usage.

All nine trustees are excited by the potential of RB2, as are others in our community, some of whom have already expressed a wish to be involved in some capacity in the future. As trustees meet to pray and discuss the charity's future we are reminded by a very salient point, namely to focus on the vulnerable and marginalised. There is very little homelessness in our town, but there is an incredible amount of loneliness. Many live in the community, but do not feel part of it. Our desire is to work alongside people in an encouragingly non-judgemental way, building self-esteem and, supporting where we can and signposting where necessary. How we will achieve this will be worked out in prayerful discussions over the coming months, but the trustees are absolutely convinced that God remains in the centre of our activities as a local charity and His heart for this community should and will be reflected in how we serve it.

The trustees of this small dedicated Christian, Looe focused, charity happily acknowledge that they have a duty of care to ensure that the charity's finances are wisely utilised in pursuit of its aims "To Love, Serve and Invest in our Community". Our funds will be used to promote the charity's vision for Looe through our new community base and working alongside local churches and community groups.


Community is central to our vision and RB2 MUST reflect that. We will update the site as soon as we are confident of the way forward and having ensured that it is driven by Him and not us.

June 2014:

In October 2010 the trustees and directors of the Rusty Bucket Christian Resource Centre completed the purchase of the Decker Public House in Higher Market Street, East Looe. In April 2011, the Rusty Bucket Coffee Shop opened its doors and has been serving the town of Looe and its many guests faithfully since then - we have gained a great reputation as a thriving community coffee shop focusing on “Direct Trade” coffee, organic teas plus an excellent and friendly service.

With the charity's vision to love, serve and invest in the town of Looe established and the coffee shop operational, the Rusty Bucket made the conscious decision not to fall into the trap of trying to "tell" Looe what its problems were, but endeavour to effectively respond as the community identified its own needs and therefore our priorities.

Over the course of these 3.5 years we have become involved with homelessness, addiction, unemployment and poverty and also find ourselves being moved towards direct support for those effected by age related issues. At the time of purchase we knew the old first floor night club would come into use somehow as a Community Zone, but obviously we were not sure as to how much use would be made and to what extent numbers would be a criteria.

It has now become very clear that our involvement in the above is either in small groups or on a one to one basis. Our first floor is quite cavernous and as such we are now finding its size incredibly restrictive in terms of practical use for all the community concern activities were are now currently pursuing.

After much consideration and prayer the trustees have made the decision that, if we are to grow as a community asset, we need to improve upon our effectiveness and flexibility. We have consequently made the decision to put our current premises on the open market and to actively pursue alternative accommodation more appropriate to the needs of the town.

Until such time as we identify a suitable purchaser and alternative building in which to continue our charitable work everything continues as before. We make this statement to both reassure our coffee shop guests and those supported by the charity that the whole process is targeted to improve our standing within, and our value towards, the wonderful community of Looe.

Banjo PierThese are very exciting times and we look forward to many years ahead supporting the more vulnerable members of our community while at the same time serving great coffee to everyone!