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Spring Harvest

An RB group of eleven attended this annual event at Butlins, Minehead April 2017.

The event's theme was "Unity" - it was such an incredibly uplifting experience that we have decided to go as a group again next year.

If you would like to join us, please do drop us an email or call on the number below - If you find yourself financially challenged, again please call. We are sure we can sort something out.

Each year, Spring Harvest has a theme which runs right through your break. The Bible is central to it all and, from toddlers to adults, everyone learns from the same passages, in a way to suit them.

We shall be attending "Minehead Two"  8 - 12 April, 2018

Only The Brave

"The everyday life of a disciple is an adventure. We face hundreds of decisions daily and the right choices are often the most difficult. God calls us to choose the costly life of following Christ. It takes sacrifice and courage. It takes perseverance. We will need robust minds, passionate hearts and active hands as we inch towards our great reward.

We do none of this alone. Using the book of James, we’ll explore what it is to live a life of determined discipleship and give a rallying cry to join the everyday adventure that lies ahead. We are discipled to make disciples. We get one chance at this life – let’s live it."