The Rusty Bucket

Loving, Serving and Investing in our Community


We moved into our current home on the 11th September, 2015 with the vision to
"Welcome All


The first four years of our small local charity were incredibly challenging, re-warding and a learning journey. We have labelled them RB1. The background to RB1 may be found below. We are so thankful for RB1, but equally are up for the challenge ahead that is "RB2".

Having made the decision to move the Rusty Bucket forward, the trustees met regularly to
pray and discuss what it is that God has laid on our hearts.

The RB CommunityCommunity is central to our vision and "RB2" WILL reflect that.
Home is where community is central - where community begins.
A place that is not only welcoming and non-judgemental, but lived in too!
This is an exciting forward development from the original concept of "RB1".
Early in 2015, having viewed several possible new homes for the Rusty Bucket Christian Resource Centre, the charity's trustees accepted a proposal from two of its trustees to develop the charity's future from a central Looe base that would be large and flexible enough to serve both as a home and as the charity's hub. Said property would be owned by the couple and made available for use by the charity - the charity will have no equity in the building, but would make a reasonable contribution towards RB related running costs.

Left: Our new home as of 11th. September, 2015                  Right: A new garden providing greater flexibility                                                                                           with a large open patio area, level lawn and                                                                                                 improved perimeter safety.


The property is directly opposite Looe Railway Station. - Previously known as Shutta House, the building has been re-named Chy Kemeneth ("Community House" in Cornish) and offers incredible flexibility in terms of its future usage. 
As trustees meet to pray and discuss the charity's future we are continually drawn to focus on vulnerable and marginalised adults. We have little homelessness in our town, but there is an incredible amount of loneliness. Many live in the community, but do not feel part of it. Our desire is to work alongside people in an encouragingly non-judgemental way, growing self-esteem, supporting where we can and signposting where necessary. 
The trustees of this small dedicated Christian, Looe focused, charity happily acknowledge that they have a duty of care to ensure that the charity's finances are wisely utilised in pursuit of its aims "To Love, Serve and Invest in our Community". Our funds will be used to promote the charity's vision for Looe through our  community base and working alongside local churches and community groups.

     Nelson looking back at LooeLooking towards East Looe   

The Rusty Bucket Christian Resource Centre began with a couple sensing a community need and having an idea as to how they could (or should) contribute towards that need.

The need and the idea were shared with God and numerous friends.

The idea itself was simple - to open a community coffee shop in Looe, S.E. Cornwall. It would be established and run on clear Christian principals and it would provide a place of refuge, peace and service to the community and a listening ear to those in need.

It would offer an inclusive non-judgemental environment to all.
All profits would be re-invested in the community.

After much prayer, debate and meetings during 2007 the way forward was agreed. Please see Legal Structure

We decided very quickly to seek a freehold property in the town centre. Although the initial outlay would be far greater than leasehold, it would give us long term security and allow us complete flexibility regarding its use and design.

Our Home

In October 2010 we completed the purchase of a disused public house close to East Looe's seafront.

Refurbishment began in January 2011 and the building opened for "business" on the 8th April 2011.